Softball/Evangelism Outreach

We participated in a sport outreach at Tampa Bay Academy here in the Dominican Republic. The manager of the team that we play against said, “Never in my life have I had an experience like this before. Thank you for what you have done for us.”

Student Fusion had Impact in Lives all Around

During the various outreaches a lot of people got saved and even more heard the Gospel. El Bethel, a church that the Student Fusion team ministered to and with, said that this event was one of the best. Also, we know that God changed several lives on the team of the W.O.L students. We praise God for His work!

Change in Lots of Ways

Student gives testimony of life change. “The reason I came to SYME was to know more about Jesus. Then I found out that growing up in a Christian family does not necessarily mean you are a Christian. When I live out my beliefs, I enjoy the grace of walking with the Lord each day. After learning and studying at SYME …

One Big Family Serving Together

Student finds family even in educational environment. “In Taiwan, you can’t find any school as special as this. You don’t need to go overseas to get this kind of English environment but you can have it right HERE! I love the study atmosphere we have at SYME: with teachers full of love and patience, and solid classes. We are just …

Students Grow Closer to God and Each Other

Spiritual changes mentioned in student testimony. “I always hear people saying how great God is, but I could never feel or understand it. SYME helped me to start to know God from my heart. Through prayers, God brought me to SYME, and my life started to change from that point on. Reading the Bible and praying everyday brought me closer …