Salvation Brings Joy at Gypsy Teen Camp

Gypsy teen camp was hosted in the southern area of Serbia on the last week of April. Since it is a predominately Muslim area, we prayed that the Lord would lead us and protect us while we were running the camp and openly presenting the Gospel. We expected up to 60 teens but over 80 came!

Samantha is 14 years old girl. It was the first time for her to be at the camp but her older sister had trusted the Lord at the camp two years previously. The sisters come from a completely atheistic home. Their parents are well educated. Their father is even the principal of the high school. They live in the home where nothing material is missing. However, as I came to know Samantha better, she openly told me that she did not remember laughter in their house for long time. Her parents lost their oldest daughter when Samantha was born and because of that they became hard and bitter toward God. They openly confess to be atheists. They have lived in their grief and bitterness for over 14 years now.

I was so sorry to hear this and was able to testify to Samantha about Christ being my Savior from sin and hell. I also told her that He is my best everyday Friend that would never leave me. She was very interested to know more about Him and we had a few serious conversations during the short camp breaks. Finally, when I was able to clearly explain the whole Gospel, I asked her, “Do you want to know Him personally?”. She said, “I would be glad to know Him”. So we went to the corner of the busy game room in which many teens playing during the break. We prayed the sinner’s prayer together. She confessed her sins and asked Jesus to forgive them and be her Savior and best Friend! She was so joyful!Later, I have saw her older sister who trusted Christ two years ago. She was pleased to know the news about her younger sister. We agreed that their responsibility was now to pray to the Lord for the salvation of their parents.

Praise the Lord for the glorious salvation that He gave to 15 more teens during this camp!