Everyday Opportunities

At least once a week, we the girl interns walk to the mall from our office for food or other necessities. On our walk we pass a corner restaurant where we greet the owner, Edwin, whenever we walk by and he always happily responds and waves. The other day he ran over to us when we were passing and asked us, in Spanish, if he could practice his English with us while we practice our Spanish. After that day we realized that this routine gesture could turn into an amazing Gospel opportunity. Yesterday he ran to speak with us again saying that he had a question for us, “Why are you three here?” Since I know a bit of Spanish I was able to explain to him about Word of Life, the Cross Cultural Internship, and briefly about the Gospel. I talked with him for about 15 minutes outside his restaurant about his past difficulties with the local church and the importance of the church for encouragement, edification, and service. I am excited to continue this everyday kind of relationship for the glory of God! It was a great reminder of God’s faithfulness in providing opportunities through some thing as simple as going to the store.

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