One life changed at a time

Lydia is a ten years old girl. She lives with her mom. Their financial situation is very bleak. Her mom can hardly find enough work to feed them both.

Last summer we organized children summer Bible club for the first time in our town. The Lord allowed us the opportunity to have a camp at our local public elementary school. Lydia was one of the first kids that attended. She made the decision to accept Christ as her Savior during the week. Immediately, her mom noticed how she changed. She spoke differently and behaved differently.

After the camp, we prayed that the Lord will open the door for us to continue to serve these kids through children’s club. The School principal was delighted with the camp and she gave us a classroom at the school to use during the school year for Kids club for free! Praise the Lord!

Lydia is still regularly attending the club. She has learned many Bible stories and memorized many Bible verses. She is even willing to publicly pray at club.

These changes are all witnessed by Lydia’s mother. We pray to be able to testify to her and the parents of other 20 kids that we have at the club every Saturday morning.