Basketball Marathon in Lake Worth FL

This May, for the third straight year, Word of Life LCM has run a Basketball Marathon sponsored by Lake Worth Christian Reformed Church. This year we saw over 40 youth participate and hear the Gospel message. Pastor Dustin Mizell from Maranatha Bible Church in Lantana shared the Gospel and 9 students responded to the salvation message!

Watering the Seeds of the Gospel

On January we had the great opportunity to participate in a Sports Marathon in Barcelona. Over 400 people came, among them was an indoor soccer team that we brought from our Church’s neighborhood in Sant Celoni. The team was formed by a few Muslim kids that came to our summer camp the previous summer and their friends. It was another …

Six Saved at Youth Meeting

We all met at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Inverness, Fl. for an outdoor youth meeting. There was well over 100 students playing basketball, baseball, volleyball, skating and hanging out. Team #6 from the Word of Life Bible Institute was there along with the Overflow Camp Band. ┬áTeam #6 job was to get as many students to stay for the message …

Gospel Shared at Baseball Outreach and Many Accept Christ

I recently had a unique opportunity to share the Gospel using baseball. Believe it or not, baseball is a recently new developing sport in Argentina! However, I helped translate, rather than show off my baseball skills! A ministry called Sports International organized the activity. We had a coach from the Tampa Rays (Danny Sheaffer) and a player from the Cardinals …

Softball/Evangelism Outreach

We participated in a sport outreach at Tampa Bay Academy here in the Dominican Republic. The manager of the team that we play against said, “Never in my life have I had an experience like this before. Thank you for what you have done for us.”