Camp in Bermuda

Josh, intern in Bermuda: Camp is already halfway over here on Grace Island in Bermuda and I am amazed not just by the way God is using me, but all the staff here for Word of Life. I took part in this internship here in Bermuda for one thing, life change. Not just for those who I come in contact with but for myself as well. So when the Gospel message was presented this past Tuesday night, I was excited to see how many lives would be altered by the Gospel to only find out that no one publically accepted it. After being deflated for a majority of the week something clicked. Campers that said they believed in Christ were extremely encouraged by the director Mark Hall and all the staff (counselors included) and how our love was something they envied. This week was a challenge to those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior to strive for something they are just starting to understand. I had campers who were struggling with everything under the sun, and God placed them here for a reason, not by accident – A REASON! I am yet again amazed by how God uses broken people to reach broken people.