Camp Testimony: From Hopelessness to Real Hope

My life was a disaster, I was hopeless and only thought about ending my life because I did not want to live any longer. My family was a mess as well because my mother is an alcoholic and my father left us. When I was 8 years old I decided to leave my home because I no longer wanted to live in the hell I was in. A friend invited me to the Word of Life camp and from the moment I arrived I felt loved by the staff. The first night of camp I received Christ as my personal savior. For the first time I felt that someone loved me! I now had God as my Father, the father I never had. I thank God for these days here and for the people that have made it possible for me to be at camp. I leave this place with the desire in my heart to be equipped to help change this generation, I am decided to do God’s will for my life even if the circumstances may be difficult.

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