Camp Testimony: An Unexpected Gift Taught Me About Love

In December I made my reservation to come to camp. The only way to get from my city to Cochabamba during this time of the year is by plane, because the roads are flooded. I saved every single penny I could to have enough money to pay for my plane ticket and pay for camp. One week before I was supposed to come to camp my parents had a really bad fight, the fight was so bad the cops had to come and they took my father away to jail. My mother immediately began the paperwork to get a divorce. This was all so hard for me, not just to see my mom hurting physically, but also emotionally, now that she had the added burden of caring for myself and my 3 younger siblings and taking care of the house. I decided to give her all the money I had been saving all year long for camp. A few days after this happened I wrote Word of Life to tell them that I could not come to camp, and they almost immediately wrote me back asking me why I couldn’t come. I told them what had happened and they decided to pay for my plane ticket and they gave me a scholarship for one week of camp. I could not believe it! How could someone who didn’t even know me give me such a significant gift? They had never even met me!! God allowed me to go through these very difficult circumstances to demonstrate the Love he has for me, and so that when I arrived at camp it would be easier for me to understand His perfect love for me. This week I asked him to be my savior and gave him my heart. All I want to do now is go back home and share this and what I learned here with my mother and siblings. True love shows itself in actions, and that is the lesson God has left us with. I want to show God’s love to my family

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