Miracles in a Bolivian Children’s Camp

Word of Life Bolivia has had great success with children’s camp reaching lost young people for Jesus. Recently God had placed it upon their hearts to reach further than their normal neighborhoods; they wanted to reach into the prisons of Bolivia. In Bolivia many children live with their parents in prison and lack the opportunities of other children in the country. The faced a big problem though, where would the money come from to pay for these kids to come to camp? Obviously camp isn’t free and Word of Life Bolivia could’t afford to pay for the cost themselves but they still felt the pull of the Holy Spirit urging them forward.

In faith they stepped out to obey the Spirit’s urging and they moved ahead with the paperwork necessary to be able to take the children out of the prison. They drove up to the prison with a bus to drive the kids back to camp and were met with such an amazing sight; joyful smiles told the team that they had made the right decision. The team prayed fervently that God would provide not only the cost of a week of camp for each child but also for clothing. Most children had no other clothes accept for what they wore on the bus ride over. God worked in a miraculous way, and seventy-five children who lived in prison with their parents were able to come to camp. What an incredible outreach!

43 children came to the camp from children’s orphanages in the area, 17 came from from families who live in local garbage dumps, including the 75 from the prison there were over 130 children at the camp! The problems still remained, where would the clothing and money come from for these children to attend camp. Friends of the ministry in Word of Life Bolivia showed up in droves to donate clothing. In a miracle akin to the loaves and fishes each child left with bags full of clothes. There were some incredible testimonies from many children who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior during their day at camp and who had experienced a “little piece of heaven.”

With camp winding down the money for the children still hadn’t shown up and the team was a little worried about where the money had come from. But right before the end of camp some amazing news showed up; a anonymous donor had given an offering that covered the cost of camp for EVERY CHILD. God, only God can do a work like this! Trying to write out the testimonies of every child that went to camp that week would take days but the miracles that God did in providing for the needs of these children shows once again that God provides and even more that He has a special love for children as Jesus says in Matthew 18:10, “10 “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.”

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