God Always Has a Purpose

This is Daniela’s testimony.

“I arrived in Chile five months ago because of the situation in my country. About 4 or 5 years ago, my father died of cancer. One month later, because of Venezuela’s insecurity, someone extorted us by demanding money or they would kill us. At that moment, and for all that we had lived, I lost my faith in God and wondered, if God exists why does all this happen?
Time passed and little by little I understood that things happen for a reason and God always has a purpose. For reasons only God knows, I came to the Word of Life Chile camp. In this place they taught me that He does exist, and that it does not depend on whether I “feel” it or not, and that not only does He exist, but that He has a perfect plan for me, because He loves me.
I received Christ in my heart on the day of the campfire. That night I knew that I was complete and that without a doubt He loves me”.

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