Costa Rica Work Team Completes Camp Entrance Road

27 people went to WOL Costa Rica on a 2 week work trip to help with the camp construction projects. Most traveled from northern USA where temps were below “0” to days of a 100 degree temps in Costa Rica. We worked on the camp roads laying over 50,000 concrete pavers to finish the entrance and connect the two road sections we worked on last year. In the 2013, camping season one young man commented that when he arrived to the camp and saw the old steep gravel road: “Lord, what have I gotten myself into?” The new road makes the ride easier for sure but also improves the expectation of what lies ahead. The new paved road is a visual example of excellence of what is to come, allowing the Gospel message to ring clear into the hearts of the campers. It’s also a great testimony to the entire community. The work team shared together and formed bonds of friendships that will last for all eternity. There were several other important projects completed as well. Has a short term mission trip changed your life and direction? Encourage someone to go this year.