Training a Country of Disciplers

The Dominican Republic has a thriving Word of Life ministry and each year they set a goal to see further growth both in their missionaries as well as those they are ministering to. This year their focus is to get back to what Jesus calls every believer to in Matthew 28:19-20 “making disciples.” They are seeking to restructure their Bible clubs to make them strong in the area of personal discipleship.

This might seem like such a basic thing but they report that, “one of the things that really hampers our ministry is that some of the pastors and leaders in our country do not even know how to disciple someone.” When challenged that they need to be discipling, these leaders respond a bit dumbfounded, “how can we go and disciple others when we have never been discipled? You need to teach us how to do that.” What a daunting task!

While this seems like such an overwhelming task it is exactly the work that our missionaries in the Dominican Republic signed on for. They know that Word of Life is about discipleship. In fact discipleship is at the core of much of what Word of Life does. So they are not frustrated, but instead embrace this challenge and are excited to be involved in training leaders so they can disciple and reach others for Jesus.

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