OAE Update

Recently, one of the members of our OAE team was able to continue a conversation with a girl that she had met before on the streets. She said that she believes in science, not God; but she read the tract that she was given and found it interesting. The first time we met this girl, she seemed uninterested in the things of God, but this time she was more open. We’re praying that we will see her again and be able to continue the conversation.

One of our team members had an upsetting conversation with a 20 year old boy who has been sentenced to 8 years in prison starting next month. He told us there is no point to believe in a God who allows bad things to happen to good people. He didn’t do anything wrong, but was just trying to protect someone. He believes in a god, but so many bad things happen that he just doesn’t see the point in it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to finish talking with him because the policemen came and he ran away. He begs on the streets every day, so we hope to meet him again before he begins his sentence.