Summer Camp Report

This summer was one of the best in the history of Word of Life Hungary! Of the 860 campers, approximately 168 made a decision to believe that Christ died for their sins and rose from the grave. About 180 young people made a decision to fully dedicate their lives to live for Him.
You were a part of each of these decisions; whether my coming here to teach, coach, or help, by giving a donation to the Camp Scholarship Fund, or by praying fervently for our campers. Enjoy the story form one of the campers.
“Once our religion class in school had a theater performance at a reception hall. The pastor was there too and he invited us to this camp. I really like it here. I take part in the soccer instruction. I also like the meetings and the games in our dorm. I especially like that they are about God and about what He has done for us. I went froward on Tuesday because it grabbed me how God sent His only Son and He died for our sins and that He loves us so much. From now on, I will proudly tell my friends that I am a believer and I will also reed the Bible more.” Bogi