Flood victim gets saved

During a recent evangelism outreach, one of the men who accepted Christ told us his incredible story.

Last fall there were very heavy rains in this area. The entire region was flooded and some locations were literally wiped away. Many children and adults drowned because there was no where to go for safety. This man, along with others, was perched in the tree tops for 7 days with no food, clean water or shelter! He could see crocodiles and snakes swimming around in the flood waters below him. Finally, the water started to recede and he was able to climb down from his “saving” tree.

In January, we arrived at his village to show the Christian film “Pilgrim’s Progress” and to preach the gospel. God saved him “for such a time as this.” He came to know Christ as his Savior during the outreach. We praise the Lord for saving this man’s life AND his soul!