Second Chance

*Allen (name has been changed to protect the individual)
When he was 3 years old, Allen took ill of a sickness that no one could tell what was disturbing him. This went on until he was 6 years old. His dad visited a lot of hospitals with him but there seemed to be no solution to his illness, until the dramatic day that he was declared dead. His parents waited until the morning to announce to neighbors, families and friends for burial. Michael was wrapped in a carton and taken to the grave-yard for burial. He was kept by the grave and all funeral procedures had been completed and the last prayer for him was said to be put into the little grave that was made for him, but they heard movement and sneezing in the wrapped carton; it was Allen! They loosed the carton and behold he started breathing. They took him home and from then on he was healed of the mysterious illness. Now that he is grown up and wiser, his dad sat him down and told him the story of his early years which left him with a deep sense of gratitude to God. He gave his life in one of our meetings and he is now a volunteer with us in the ministry both in the bush evangelism and “Born Again to a Living Hope” drama. He has pledged his life to serve God and be who God wants him to be. Praise God