I know Who Jesus Is

Kraljevo city is located in the heart of Serbia with 400,000 citizens. There is no Bible preaching church in Kraljevo, just a number of believers that share the gospel there. Around Kraljevo, there are many Russian Orthodox monasteries and a multitude of people that are looking for God’s help for their lives.
Milorad is one of them. We met him this summer on one of our open air evangelism events in the central city square. He didn’t trust Christ but was asking many questions and took a New Testament and a copy of almost every gospel tract we had.
He didn’t know who Jesus was and he had never heard that about eternal life. After a long conversation he went home telling us that now he knows who Jesus is. He promised us that he would carefully read all about Christ. Pray for his salvation!
The gospel of Christ is the light for the spiritual darkness in Serbia!