SYME Student comes to salvation after steady exposure to God’s truth

Dolly is a 19-year-old University student who recently came to study at SYME during her winter break. During her first day at SYME, Dolly heard the truth about Jesus for the first time in her life. She then embarked on a month of studying the Scripture and observing the lives of those Christians around her.

As the weeks went by, God softened Dolly’s heart toward the truth she was encountering each day. When reading her daily Quiet Time, she heard the words of Jesus and began to believe He really was the life-giving, light-bringing Son of God. In Bible classes, she was taught life transforming truths. Through the practice of giving a “testimony”, she realized she was unsatisfied with her life and needed help and love. Through special teaching times she realized what a family could be if God was at the head of it. Every week, Dolly grew softer and more open to the truth of God’s Word.

One afternoon our whole school traveled to the Yi Zhong Night Market to practice using evangelism techniques that they had just learned at SYME. As Dolly shared the gospel with strangers, her heart toward them began to change and she found herself really wanting people to trust Jesus. She then realized she did not want to go another day without God herself. Even though she was in a public place, she wept and prayed to God with a sincere heart and told Him that she wanted to follow Him for the rest of her life!