Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity

While it is very hard to pick a single highlight of the week of evangelistic activity at the Edinburgh Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world – between the amazing job our staff did, or our largest ever attendance  figure for a single performance to name two of among the many highlights – our favorite moment involved 25 teenagers from Macau that were visiting on a two-week intensive English learning trip. Their leader came in and asked if they could attend the performance.  We said yes.  The leader then asked if they could stay on afterwards, divide into four groups and visit with our staff.  We said yes.  She then asked if the staff would talk about life as a teenager in the UK and . . . talk about their faith in God.  We said YES!  What an amazing opportunity and what fruit!  Four of the young men from Macau trusted Christ as their Savior.

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