From Tragedy to Salvation

I met a girl through a mutual friend just a few weeks ago. I could tell right away that she was disabled- she walked with a limp and has no use of her left arm. I learned that about 5 years ago she was in a car accident where she suffered multiple strokes and was missing for 3 days, this is what caused her disability for the rest of her life. She is already a living miracle as they told her that she would never walk or talk again-of which she does both! Because of the accident, she became very bitter toward God and anything to do with God.

I remembered that Joni Erickson Tada was coming to Word of Life to speak and she said she would come! My friend and I had been praying for her to come to know the Lord. Well, she could really relate to Joni’s testimony about not wanting to live after her accident,but how the Lord changed her life and now she can be thankful for her accident. Our friend got saved on Tuesday August 11th! She isn’t quite at the place where she’s completely thankful for her accident, but she can already see how the Lord led her to hear Joni on Tuesday and is thankful for that.

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