Family Day in a Nearby Church

On January 25th, Laci Kadar, our Camp Director, and the Sing Team traveled to a little town about 40 miles from our campus. The local Reformed church organized a family day in the local state-of-the art elementary school and gymnasium. The day centered around the motivations, difficulties, and blessings of following Christ. So, Laci delivered three messages, the first was an evangelistic one about Christ, Who gives true life, the second was about sin, the greatest obstacle in following Christ, and the third focused on the renewed relationships (with God and fellow people) as the greatest blessing.
Our sing team did 3 mini-concerts, we played, talked, lead small groups from juniors (10-14 yr old kids) to seniors (60+). The results? At least 14 people of the 100+ indicated a decision to trust Christ.