Opportunities in Unusual Places

In October, the Puppet Team visited a church in Newtonmearns, near Glasgow. While there, we were invited by a mother in attendance at the event to come back and do the ‘show’ again at her son’s upcoming birthday party with his school friends. She asked that we repeat the exact same program again – puppet show, bells, balloons and most importantly – evangelistic chalk talk! We went to the birthday party in the middle of November and had a fantastic time sharing the Good News of the Gospel with this boy and his friends. After the party, Andris asked the mother (who had Asian origins), when she had become a Christian. She replied ‘Oh, I’m not a Christian. I’m a Muslim!’ She went on to explain that it is important that we tell people the Word of God. Who knew that a Muslim lady would ask us to witness?? God’s ways are definitely higher than our ways.