Sending Teens Out to Reach the Masses

S.T.O.R.M. Sending Teens Out to Reach the Masses
15 locations
78 local churches represented
770 trained on how to present the gospel clearly
1211 exposed to the gospel
515 responded to the gospel

Here are some of the highlights and testimonies.
Aaron James, a college student, said, “It is my first time experienced sharing the gospel on the street.” He also dedicated his life to take this experienced to the next level, sharing the gospel as a lifestyle.
RJ shared, “the blessings of this event in my life are not only God used me to lead someone to Christ but also learned how to present the gospel clearly.”
A 13 year old boy named Ronald. After the morning training, our leaders and the young people they trained spent time in a mall talking with people about Jesus. Ronald had the opportunity to approach a security guard many years his senior. God gave this 13 year old boy the privilege of leading this 49 year old man to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!
Noel shared – “This program is an excellent materials because each tools is always leading people to make a point of decision.” He added, “I led five street kids to the Lord.”
Jimmy – “It is my first time sharing and leading someone to Christ.”
Pastor Jonathan – “It steered my heart to have more compassion for the lost.”
An interesting fact is that the majority of teens trained in the STORM were first timers sharing the gospel.

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