Teens Find Christ While Hiding in Bushes to Listen to Gospel Presentation!

Numbu is a Muslim dominated community in Sanga. The village is about 99.9% Muslim. During our recent evangelism outreach, we set up our instruments and played some gospel videos and advertised that we would play a movie (Pilgrim’s Progress) in the evening. Children, youth and women were all there listening. However, just when the movie was about to start, a command was issued from the family heads and Imam (Muslim priest)that instructed everyone to go back to their houses. Some of the youth were determined to see the movie we brought. They ended up hanging around meters away…just close enough to listen. Some climbed trees and some hide in bushes to watch. The Imam sent men on patrol with flashlights to make sure no one heard our gospel presentation. We ran the movie with no one visible and preached to no one visible. The following morning we visited the village head who gave us a venue for our crusade. When we thanked him for his gesture, he opened up to us that he is asking God, while he was still alive, for a church to be planted in his community.

Last week I received a call from a pastor who is in the nearby village, Gwantu. The pastor stated that two youths from Numbu had come to him and testified that they prayed to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior during the outreach while they were hiding in the bushes!