Camp Testimonies

“God has taught me that all of us are called and have a mission even though were are not “missionaries”, we need to spread the word to all the nations. We ought to be courageous as we share the gospel.” – Nadine (12)

“I have learned to be Christ-centered and not store treasures on earth, but in heaven where no thieve can steal them away from me.” – Sandra (11)

“I have surrendered my life and everything to God and became a Christian on the fourth day of camp. I realize now that God is in everything we do.’ Coretta (17)

“I have been a Muslim all my life. I finally gave my life to Christ after a long struggle. I pray that he will guide me and give me strength to be true to this decision I made.” – Shamim (18)

“Camp made me realize how unbalanced my life was. When David shared about empty worship, I knew the word was for me. I haven’t been worshiping in spirit and in truth, it was for other people. Now I want to do it for the honor of God” – Maggie (15)

“In this camp, I learned to have hope in in God even in the times that I may feel like He is not there.” William Walugembe.

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