Word of Life Helped a New Christian

I just finished the book “The House that Jack (God) Built” about WOL. It was really good.
Do you want to hear a funny story? When I first got saved in 1985, I knew absolutely nothing about God, the Bible, or “church”. But I heard about Word of Life Florida somehow, and after dropping my daughter off at school, I would go to Word of Life Florida every day and sit and listen to the preachers. I thought it was like church every day! It never occurred to me that those people were PAYING to be there or how funny it must’ve been to see this 28 year old show up with all the old people, every day for two years! I was just soaking up all these new things! Finally I figured it out and stopped going. ┬áNo one ever said a word…lol
I wrote to them years later to apologize for taking advantage (although I didn’t know it at the time), and Harry Bollback wrote back! Loved listening to him play. I didn’t know he had been a missionary.
Anyway, I have fond memories of WOL.


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