Gospel Shared at Baseball Outreach and Many Accept Christ

I recently had a unique opportunity to share the Gospel using baseball. Believe it or not, baseball is a recently new developing sport in Argentina! However, I helped translate, rather than show off my baseball skills!
A ministry called Sports International organized the activity. We had a coach from the Tampa Rays (Danny Sheaffer) and a player from the Cardinals (Don Gordon) teach baseball as a way of sharing the Gospel. Professional players came to improve their skills. The activity was also open to the public, as well as some little league teams.
The outreach took place in the main training facility for the Olympic athletes in the city of Buenos Aires. I was amazed as we were given opportunities to meet the individuals who oversee the Argentine national baseball team. There were twenty-five salvation decisions after we preached the Gospel toward the end of the event! It is amazing how God can use the testimony of talented individuals to open doors to share the gospel.