Life is But a Vapor

“Sofia came to us on July 10th, a week before the start of camp. Her first days in the camp were very difficult. God showed her that we should live our lives in accordance with His Word. Sofia suffered a great inner struggle.  It was so hard for her that she even decided to leave the camp, but the camp was located in a remote location and the nearest transportation would not be available for a few days.  Sofia tried hard to read the Bible and pray, and her camp counselor shared her testimony with her and encouraged her to make the right decision.  She acknowledged the validity of God’s Word.  After a few tense days, Sofia humbled her heart in obedience to God, and even asked permission to stay in the camp until the end.  Now we saw a new Sofia – joyous and grateful, enjoying each new encounter with the Word of God, happy to help in the program, willing to do any job.  By the end of the camp, she was so excited that she wanted to stay for another camp.  But four days after the camp, the Lord took her to His presence.  We thank our God that He allowed us to be close to Sofia the last three weeks, and at such an important time in her life.  We witnessed great changes that God made in the heart of Sofia, in His love and grace.”

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