Ministry on the Home Front

Every year my husband has needed to travel, as is normal for a missionary wife, I’m home with the kids and desire to be in both places at the same time. My prayer has always been the same, that God would continue to give me ministry not only in my home but around me while he continues where he is. This year something extraordinary happened. Here’s the short version, My new neighbor is around 70 and her son is an alcoholic, he’s shown up and disturbed the neighborhood several times, and can get aggressive at times.

The first night my husband was away on tour, it happened again. I heard her screaming next-door and went out to see him hurting her. Afraid for her safety and her life, I said a quick Nehemiah prayer for protection and went over to stop him. God enabled me to calmly talk to the drunken man and get her inside. We are trying to get her son some help and pray for a sober moment to share the gospel with him.

After this ordeal, my neighbor came with me to a church drama program a few days later and cried through the entire invitation. I prayed for her and with her. She was raised Catholic but I believe her relationship with Christ began that night. Praise the Lord for this amazing opportunity on the “home front”. To God be the Glory!