I knew about ministries before I came to the Bible Institute.

I had wanted so badly to be apart of a platform team. I had always been in chorus and drama, and thought I had a decent shot. I let my pride get in the way, though. I started to feel as if I was entitled to make it since I was “so good”. Yet, walking up to the ministry boards, and NOT seeing my name slapped me in the face with reality; it hit me. I wasn’t going to be apart of the ensemble, praise band, or drama team. Something I wanted so bad.

The next week, the rest of the ministries list came out. My heart was hard, and I was not ready to be put on another team, just to be reminded that I wasn’t on the particular team I wanted. I got Creative Arts. Nobody knew what it was, and at first I felt like they had just thrown together a list, and made up a ministry. I didn’t know anyone on the team, and I had the most sour attitude about everything.

Our ministry is in charge of event decoration. Making things look fresh and new. We were told we wouldn’t go on many outings, since our ministry was school based. Our first job, we built a wall. Literally, a wall. I had the most fun. It was rough, since we didn’t have a lot of time, but as we saw the struggle, our team grew so close. One of our first outings was great. We went to a judgement house on Halloween. Two guys got to take part in the dramas, and the rest counseled people who made decisions for Christ. It was such a God thing. I was still somewhat mad about not making platform teams, and I wanted to take part in the dramas at the judgement house, and I didn’t get to. God worked that night. He knew I would be mad, but also placed the sweetest elderly woman in my care to counsel and talk with. God changed my heart. I realized that while I was good at drama, I only performed so people could see me! I didn’t care too much about what I was saying, but more of who I was. I hated personally witnessing to people, and yet God allowed me to do that very thing and I loved that. On our way home, our team bonded even more just getting to share our stories and brag on how awesome our creator was.

After that, our team started to meet every Tuesday and Thursday. That meant I was always busy, with work every other day. Once again, I was mad. (reoccurring, ya think? 😉 I would go in with a hard heart, and for a while leave even more mad. One day instead of meeting about an event or project we had, we just sat there and talked. We laughed, we cried, and just opened up about how God was working in our lives. I admitted to being sour about our ministry, and leaving that day, we felt closer than ever.

I love my ministry, and I thank God for not choosing a platform team as apart of my plan. Our ministry meets more than the other teams, and I can now say we’re officially like a family.